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July 3, 2015

Te Amo - Rihanna

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“Te amo”, “Te amo”,
She says to me
I hear the pain in her voice
Then we danced underneath the candelabra
She takes the lead
That’s when I saw it in her eyes,
It’s over
Then she said “Te amo”
Then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cried “Te amo”
I told her I’m not gonna run away
But let me go
My soul is a cry,
Without asking why
I said “Te amo”,
Would somebody tell me what she said?
?2Don’t it mean “I love you”
Think it means “I love you”
Don’t it mean “I love you”

“Te amo”, “Te amo”,
She’s scared to breathe
I hold her hand,
I got no choice, uhh
Pull me out on the beach,
Danced in the water,
I start to leave
She’s begging me
And asking why its over
Then she said “Te amo”
Then she put her hand around me waist
I told her “No”,
She cried “Te amo”
I told her I’m not gonna run away,
But let me go
My soul is a cry,
Without asking why
I said “Te amo”
Would somebody tell me what she said?
Don’t it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Don’t it mean I love you

Listen we can dance,
But you gotta watch your hands
Watch me all night,
I move under the light
Because I understand
That we all need love
And I’m not afraid
To feel the love
But I don’t feel that way
Then she says te amo
Then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no
She cried te amo
I told her I’m not gonna run away
But let me go
My soul is a cry,
Without asking why
I said “Te amo”
Would somebody tell me what she said?
Don’t it mean I love you”
Think it means “I love you”
Don’t it mean “I love you”
Think it means “I love you”,
Te Amo
Te Amo
Don’t it means “I love you”…

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May 22, 2015

How To Get Cheap Rates On Auto Insurance

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insurance is an important form of insurance for anyone to have. Auto insurance compensates individuals in the event of auto accidents, allowing them to pay for the cost of auto repairs. Choosing auto insurance can sometimes be difficult, especially with the amount of insurers available. Use the following advice when choosing auto insurance.

When obtaining insurance for a teenage driver, get the best deal by asking for a quote on both adding your son or daughter to your car insurance account and on getting him or her their own car insurance. Adding a driver to your account is generally cheaper, but sometimes a low credit score can make establishing a new account more cost effective.

If you are a young driver and pricing auto insurance, consider taking a driver’s education course, even if your state does not require driver’s education to earn your license. Having such a course under your belt shows your insurance company that you are serious about being a safer driver, and can earn you a substantial discount.

Look for state health insurance policies. While federal health programs exist for low-income families, some states are working towards adopting low-cost health insurance plans for middle-class families. Check with your state department of health, to find out if these low cost plans are offered in your area, as they can provide great comprehensive coverage for a minimal cost.

If your car is insured with multiple drivers and one of them stops using the car, notify your insurance company immediately. It is the honest thing to do. More importantly, it can reduce your premiums significantly in many cases. Young drivers, old drivers, and drivers with bad records all boost your premium. Get them removed from your policy as soon as you can.

If you have an older car that does not have a high value, remove the collision coverage from your insurance to save money. It is possible that your car is worth less than your deductible, so consider carefully whether or not collision coverage is actually going to pay anything in the event of an accident.

In order to reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy, consider limiting the mileage you drive each year. Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders who do not spend a great deal of time on the road. It is important to be truthful when making claims of reduced mileage, however, as it is not unheard of for insurers to request proof of your driving habits in order to justify the reduction in price.

Article source: http://www.articlealley.com/how-to-get-cheap-rates-on-auto-insurance-2438030.html

May 6, 2015

How to Know if a Refinancing is Right For You

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What You Should Know Before Refinancing

Getting a new mortgage to replace the original is called refinancing. Refinancing is done to allow a borrower to obtain a different, and even better interest term and rate. The first loan is paid off, allowing the second loan to be created, instead of simply making a new mortgage and throwing out the original mortgage. For borrowers with a perfect credit history, refinancing can be a good way to convert a variable loan rate to a fixed, and obtain a lower interest rate. Borrowers with less than perfect, or even bad credit, or too much debt, refinancing can be risky.

Read full article: if a Refinancing is Right

January 20, 2011

Pod Coffee Units And Why You Should Consider Them

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Just type in the term “pods for coffee machines” into the search engine and you will see that you will get many results. There are many articles that talk about how great these pod coffee machines are. The real reason why many of these websites praise these coffee machines is because they sell them. You will never hear them say that the product they are promoting is not for everybody. As for me, I love my coffee machine. However, before considering one try to know the facts to make sure that it is something you want.

Perhaps the most surprising drawback to consumers is the fact that many of these machines are closed systems. Manufacturers design their machines so that only their pods will work in their machine. They gain full control over the price of pods. Tassimo for example, can only take pods made by the same maker. These machines are so smart that they can literally read a barcode on the pods so that they know exactly how long they have to brew the coffee. Had the manufacturer enabled the consumer to select a setting on the machine, instead of having the machine read the pod, it might have been possible for consumers to use something other than the patented T-Disk.

Many consumers are becoming more aware of this issue which is encouraging manufacturers to come up with a solution. There is a device that has been put out by Keurig which is called the Perfect Pod Holster which can be used for almost any pod. Users can now brew their favorite coffee because of the reusable filter that they offer.

If you decide to use the reusable filter then you will see that this reduces the convenience of the machine. Pods are more expensive than traditional ground coffee which is why they are so expensive. Ordering the pods online and joining a monthly auto-ship program can help minimize the cost.
The noise these machines make takes almost everyone by surprise. Although the noise in the professional coffee shops is common knowledge, few make the connection when buying a coffee machine for their home. The pump used to move the water is the culprit and has been compared to a jet engine by some reviewers. O.k. so it may be loud, but maybe not as loud as a jet engine. Have these people been to the airport recently? Quieter options are available. If you go for the less expensive coffee makers then you might notice a big difference in the noise level. If you are looking for a machine with more options, Keurig has come out with “special edition” models that have what they have coined as “quiet brew technology.”

These machines can only make one cup of coffee at a time which is something that people really dislike. This single serve maker might become a problem if for some reason you and your spouse are ever in a hurry and you both want coffee. Forget dinner parties because this coffee maker is designed for only one person. There are other brands out there that allow you to make 2 cups at the same time therefore don’t get discouraged from considering one of these units.

January 18, 2011

Being Careful With Your Mailing List Broker

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***A mailing list is very important for business owners and marketers who need to find alternatives in their advertising technique. There are lots of mailing list services available today such as brokers. Brokers usually offer you an opportunity to not only save time but also money. Availing this service can be very beneficial to your sales campaign.

The mailing list is the major tool in delivering your letter or brochure of advertisement to your prospect customers. You can send your promotional material either by email or the traditional mail. However, after availing the mailing list services from the broker, you have to be very careful in scrutinizing your list for potential errors.

A poorly-made list can cause you to include dead addresses and returns. Some contact information in the list also uses the address of people who are underage and even deceased already. There are also potential duplicates in the entries. On the other hand, there is a possibility of having inappropriate deliveries. To top it all, one of the most common errors in this kind of lists is the wrong input of names, designations, titles and gender. These types of mistakes can cause bad impressions and inconvenience to the customer. So better watch out.

The list that the broker produces should always be updated. It has to recognize that people change their status over time. They will become married and might also change residence address, among others. The list therefore, must be clean, updated, and organized. It should reflect the changes that happen over time. It must be accurate by the time you use it.

Brokers should utilize proper technique that would help them in updating their list. They could verify the contact information available. On the other hand, they can also work on the existing in-house mailing list you have and undertake a validation campaign before you send out your marketing materials. They can check on the names, age, address and contact numbers in the list. They can also check for consistency and possible duplication of entries.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the capacity of the broker to respond to your needs. The service should be of good quality because it can be advantageous or detrimental to your business. If the integrity of the service and the list is not maintained and assured, then you might as well keep your promotional campaigns in your shelf. Of course, you would not want to send the publicity material to the wrong persons. Because more than this flaw being a waste of investment, it is definitely time consuming as well. Your efforts will be put to nothing. Your money will also become useless.

January 16, 2011

Toyota to move beyond rare earths and lithium by 2020?

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Toyota is moving beyond rare earths and lithium-ion batteries for its long term hybrid and plug-in vehicle plans.

Rare earth and lithium free hybrids and plug-ins by 2020?

Is Toyota’s hybrid experience set for big payoffs?

While Toyota has assembled a task force to secure new rare earth metals outside of China, the company has a “long term” plan to eventually move beyond rare earths. For instance, Toyota is in the “advanced” stages of developing non-rare earth-containing inductive motors.

Likewise, Toyota isn’t content with lithium-ion technologies and the automaker believes it could replace lithium within 10 years.

In terms of rare earths, it’s been known for some time that Toyota, as well as the Japanese government, have both been developing alternative supplies of rare earths which are used in motors, cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and in regenerative braking units for instance. While new deals have recently been struck in Australia, India and the US, for example, the real long term goal is moving beyond rare earths altogether.

In the upcoming RAV4 EV Toyota will use an inductive motor supplied by Tesla that is a separate motor from the inductive motors that Toyota is developing. Toyota is not yet providing a timeline for the release of their new motors and is only saying that the motors are part of a “long term approach” according to the DetroitNews.

And with rare earth supplies dwindling as costs are rising, these new motors can’t come fast enough.

Perhaps even more interesting is the possibility that Toyota could move beyond lithium-ion batteries by 2020. Today, Toyota doesn’t believe that lithium-ion batteries have enough capacity to become a mainstream automotive solution. Thus, Toyota is developing magnesium-sulfur batteries as well as a number of other battery types, including batteries with aluminum and calcium components, as well as lithium-air and metal batteries according to Bloomberg.

Toyota to move beyond rare earths and lithium by 2020?
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January 15, 2011

C-Maxing Ford’s battery-powered solutions

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The Ford C-Max hybrid and plug-in hybrids will use lithium-ion technologies and promise to make Ford a leader in battery-powered vehicles.

The Ford C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid

Ford’s C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi Plug-in hybrid

When it comes to the next few decades of the auto industry, one thing is quite clear. No one powertrain is going to dominate the auto industry, especially in terms of the ICE alternative space, and Ford seems to clearly understand this reality.

Consequently, Ford’s new C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi Plug-in hybrid help fill in the missing pieces of Ford’s battery powered playbook.

Not long ago Ford announced that the Focus would soon come in gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric versions, but many details were still limited. Nonetheless, these Focus powertrain options indicate that diversity will be the key to Ford’s battery-powered game. And aside from giving consumers choices, such diversity Ford believes, will also be the key to profitability.

Ultimately, the success of Ford’s conventional gasoline-powered Focus will help Ford’s battery-powered Focus vehicles also achieve profitability, and the same holds true for the 2013 C-Max hybrids which will hit dealerships in 2012. Basically, world platforms coupled with powertrain diversity define Ford’s future.

Nonetheless, there will still be some variety amongst some of these platforms. For instance, while the gasoline powered C-Max will be a three-rowed, seven passenger vehicle, the C-Max hybrids will be smaller, two-rowed 5 passenger vehicles. However, considering all options will be built on the same platform and production lines, future options seem on the table.

But let’s get back to the hybrids.

Both new hybrids will utilize new lithium-ion battery packs. In the C-Max the new battery coupled with some reworked Fusion hybrid technology will result in a hybrid package that will offer greater fuel economy than the Fusion hybrid’s 41/36 mpg, city/highway fuel economy. Likewise, the new battery pack will also enable the C-Max hybrid to stay in EV mode at higher speeds than the Fusion hybrid as well.

Will the C-Max hybrid challenge Toyota Prius fuel economy? I sure hope so, but we’ll have to wait for final numbers. Of course, by 2013 the Prius will also reportedly shift to lithium as well. So Prius fuel economy could increase. How’s that for some hybrid competition?

On the other hand, the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid – Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid – will also use a lithium-ion battery pack that could possibly decrease charging times compared to other plug-in vehicles now hitting dealerships, although Ford is providing scant details thus far. Regardless, the C-Max Energi appears to be a conventional plug-in hybrid, not a range extended hybrid like the Chevy Volt. Additionally, thanks to a combination of Focus EV and Fusion hybrid technologies, the Ford C-Max Energi is expected to offer about 500 miles of total range – EV and gas combined – or 150 miles more than the Volt.

Like the Volt, however, the C-Max Energi will start off using just electric power, but as the battery pack depletes, the Energi plug-in hybrid will begin to act more like a Fusion hybrid – similar to the way a plug-in Prius acts like a Prius once EV range is depleted. Unfortunately, Ford has not released any details regarding EV range, but comments by Alan Mulally seem to suggest the battery pack will offer similar EV range as the Volt.

Inside, the C-Max hybrids will use roughly the same instrument cluster as the Fusion hybrid, including MyFord Touch with MyView, Brake Coach and the all the latest MyFord Mobile smart phone applications.

Ultimately, pretty interesting battery revelations from Ford. World platforms as the key to scaling the higher costs of hybrid and plug-in technologies.

C-Maxing Ford’s battery-powered solutions
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January 11, 2011

Be careful to not gain weight after stomach surgery

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***The gastroenterologist said that after two years of stomach surgery, about 50% of people gain weight again about 10% of reached weight. “It is still not considered a surgical failure, because if the person weighed 120 pounds and was 70, that is, lost weight 50 pounds, she can gain 7 pounds weight, which is not much,” he says.

But 50% of those who gain weight in the first two years, missed 10% fatten further six years after the surgery, which considers the failure. But how to maintain weight after surgery?

The doctor explains that it is simple when you visit the doctor regularly and follow his instructions, even after past years of surgery, with psychological support, regularly exercise and especially, follow a balanced diet.”People have difficulties in eating solids but we noticed that they take caloric liquids such as soft drinks and beer and of course they gain weight, no reduction of the stomach can prevents it,” he says.

The electrical engineer Junior says that takes a lot of fluid per day, about three liters, two are from water. Regarding alcohol, said that contrary to what most people who know who did this surgery is getting to drink the same amount. The difference is that I drink more slowly, “he says.

Another important point that makes the treatment successful, the doctor said, it’s therapy. It should be started before surgery and “at least one year after the procedure because one of the biggest problems of who is overweight is anxiety”.

The patient is instructed to chew the food very well, which makes the meal take longer. He says that at a lunch with friends all ate and repeated while he was still in the first plate, with a small amount of food. “I can not even eat fast and when I tried, I just regurgitating,” he says.

Still on the psychological, the patient believes that it is the key point of surgery. He says the problem of obesity is in the head and therapies are therefore of great value to improve self-esteem and anxiety. “I’ve been doing therapy before surgery and continuing now. I think that is the main point of postsurgical treatment, “he explains.

The physical exercise is also vital. “Everyone should practice exercise and those who did this surgery, even more, because of sagging,” he explains.

The patient is walking every day, and play football twice a week and also dance class, also twice a week. Exercises hypertrophy, such as weight training are only allowed three months after surgery and he tells you want to get them to help with sagging skin. “There are too much skin left and if needed I will do surgery to cut the skin” he says. He received full support from family to do this surgery. He said his mother supported him from the start but his father was against it at first, but after starting therapy and to open up about what he felt in relation to obesity, his father went to support 100%.

January 9, 2011

Using Electronic Automotive Repair Manuals

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With all of the technology of today the paper automotive repair manual is useless. These manuals are the same manuals that repair technicians utilize to do their job. Electronic auto repair manuals can help you get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. The cost will be minimal because you are doing the work yourself. The downloadable manuals are factory service manuals available for most vehicles, makes and models. The electronic repair manual gives you the same benefits at the paper manuals, but with more advantages.

The repair manuals that can be found online are not created equally. Some offer more information and are much easier to use than others. That is why you need to choose a company that offers not only exceptional customer service, but low prices and easy downloads. A program that is user friendly and beneficial to your needs is what you are looking for. The repair manuals are geared toward those who have the ability to repair their own vehicle. These manuals give great step by step instructions that will have the average do it yourselfer feeling proud of their work.

When looking for an electronic auto repair manual, look for one that ensures that it offers printable wiring diagrams. These manuals have many benefits attached to them. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also offer easy to use diagrams, with step by step instructions and it will save you a lot of time. The electronic automotive repair manual simplifies the troubleshooting techniques. There are many makes of vehicle makes and models with different functions and due to this it will be required for you to utilize the correct repair manual.

The repair manual can help you with the simplest of repairs to the most difficult. All that is required from you is the correct tools, your patience and your time. Your repair problem may require for you to work with the electrical system. The repair manual will give you step by step instructions on repairing issues such as a troublesome electrical system.

If your main goal is to keep your vehicle out of the repair shop you will be required to send the vehicle through regular maintenance. That is the first step in keeping your car in excellent working condition. Be sure to keep a seasonal check list to keep up with your maintenance needs. You can keep that alongside your automotive repair manual. There are also the repairs that are very simple to do. If you have never repaired your car before than the easy fixes are for you. Those are simple procedures like changing the oil, doing radiator flushes and maintaining your battery.

Information on how to do this can also be found in your repair manual.

Your manual will definitely come in handy when it comes to the more advanced auto repairs. As long as you have the right tools for the job, the time, the patience and the ability to follow directions then you are well on your way to repairing your own vehicle.

January 7, 2011

Dad Last Words Inspired Me to Become Dreamer

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HeKaiCheng extraordinary personal story has for many American media scramble to reported. In Taiwan native kaicheng embrace American football with life, and thereby become one of the Ivy League in Harvard University ranks.

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